Dr.Gihan Bayoumi, Regional Project Manager presents an overview of current water reuse practices in the MENA region as well as the ReWater MENA project’s objectives.
ReWater MENA Kicks off First National Steering Committee Meeting in Lebanon
As population grows and farming expands, the demand for water is steadily rising. Massive human displacement along with other pressures, such as climate change, further aggravates water stress in our region. To meet this challenge, we need innovative water management solutions, including more safe water reuse practices, an approach which is implemented by the International WATER Management Institute (IWMI) through its project, ReWater MENA.
LRA constructed wetland, Joub Jannine, Lebanon
ReWater MENA visits two wastewater treatment facilities in the Bekaa region, Lebanon in December 2018
The IWMI Rewater MENA project team recently visited a number of stakeholders in Lebanon to explain the project’s objectives, outputs and potential benefits. During this visit, the team visited two wastewater treatment facilities in the Bekaa region of Lebanon.