ReWater MENA provides training in stakeholder engagement

Training of ReWater Mena project partners on stakeholders engagement
Training of ReWater Mena project partners on stakeholders engagement

The ReWater Mena project convened its partners in Cairo on February 12-14, 2019, for training in stakeholder engagement, facilitated by a consultancy firm. Partners took part in a simulation game dealing with project case studies to examine issues around strategic planning and management as well as different approaches to stakeholder engagement.

Using water reuse cases from Egypt and Jordan, partners did a quick network analysis to help them understand the interlinkages, power and influence of various stakeholders in water reuse projects. Next, they formulated a strategy for mobilizing stakeholders. Finally, partners examined questions around the use of various dialog tools: Who is going to participate in what? Is there a need to create a technical committee? A thematic commission? Should there be a specific meeting for specific stakeholders? The training enabled project partners to identify key stakeholders in the local context (i.e., those who could either block the process or facilitate its implementation), and determine how a participatory process can improve stakeholders’ management abilities.

Gihan Bayoumi/IWMI
Mohamed Tawfik/IWMI

In an evaluation of the training, partners rated it as “very satisfying” in terms of content and facilitation. ReWater Mena is planning to repeat the training during April for partners in Lebanon. The training represents an important step towards incorporating new approaches into partners’ activities at the local and national levels.

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