Discussing Egypt's National 2030 Water Reuse Targets and Strategy at the 3rd National Steering Committee (NSC) Virtual Meeting

ReWater MENA project in partnership with CEDARE, carried out the 3nd virtual National Steering Committee (NSC) meeting in Egypt. The meeting brought diverse stakeholders together to discuss the progress of "Egypt's National 2030 Water Reuse Targets and Strategy", which aims for “More and Safer Water Reuse”.  In addition to discussing the preparation for the 4th national Learning Alliance (NLA) dialogue on the "Validation of the Egypt 2030 Water Reuse Targets".

The project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), and led by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), in partnership with CEDARE and other governmental entities and key stakeholders.

The meeting was led and facilitated by Dr. Amgad El Mahdi, IWMI's head of MENA region and Dr. Khaled M.AbuZeid, the Regional Director of Water Resources at CEDARE. Dr. AbuZeid opened the meeting by welcoming the participants and welcomed the new member of the committee, Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Head of Water, Sanitation and Consumer Protection Regulatory Authority followed by Dr. El Mahdy, who started the meeting as the chairman and welcomed the members of the committee.

AbuZeid presented the Egypt 2030 Water Reuse Targets, the progress made in it, the need for additional data to set realistic and economic targets. He then proposed the criteria to validate the targets during the validation workshop of the fourth dialogue of the National Learning Alliance on " Egypt 2030 Water Reuse Targets". Afterwards, the discussion was opened, and various partners gave suggestions on how to validate the targets as well as increase the participation of other key stakeholders and partners to make a more meaningful strategy.

In conclusion, Dr. Amgad and Dr. Khaled AbuZeid expressed their appreciation for the comments of the participants and agreed to prepare the 4th dialogue for the National Learning Alliance (NLA) on "Egypt 2030 Water Reuse Targets" on April.

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