ReWater MENA launches survey to assess the feasibility of implementing water reuse systems in Zahleh and Ablah

On Monday 15 February 2021, a meeting was held at the premises of the Bekaa Water Establishment (Zahleh) to launch the survey that will be conducted with farmers in the framework of the Water Reuse Local Studies conducted by ReWater MENA and its partners in Lebanon. The participants included ReWater MENA coordinator in Lebanon, members from Ecosystem the enterprise in charge of the reuse systems feasibility studies, as well as representatives from the administrations responsible for the operation of the two wastewater treatment plants of focus (the municipality of Ablah and the Bekaa Water Establishment). The first objective was to remind the surveyors on the objectives and the methodology of the questionnaire and to gather their final input. The second objective was to discuss the gender component of the survey. For that sake, IWMI gender experts from Palestine and Egypt) joined online and interactively introduced the importance of gender in development projects. The experts went through the gender questions with the Lebanese team and advised them on the best way to address gender sensitive questions with the local communities.

The national coordinator of ReWater MENA in Lebanon presenting the two case studies related to water reuse around Zahleh and Ablah Wastewater treatment plants

Ecosystem engineers and representatives from Ablah municipality and Bekaa Water Establishment having a virtual discussion on the gender component of the survey with the gender experts

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